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( ) Using Favorites. You must create an account on order to save favorite photos. The favorites link will show in the upper top left after you long in to your account.

( ) Pre-Paid Orders. If you have pre-paid for an order package at an event, you need to choose a pose to complete your order process. Create an account, and proceed to choose and purchase the package you bought at the event. Use the same name and email you used at the event so we can match up the order. When checking out, select the third payment option called Pre-Paid Order. This will allow you to check out without a transaction. This order will show sales tax and shipping and give you an idea of how much you saved by pre-ordering at the event. 

If you would like to order additional photos, please create a separate order.

( ) If you receive an error with packages or collections, it usually means that you can not add photographs belonging from one group, to another group. For example, It takes extra time for us to crop and re-touch portrait photos so these images can not be added to candid print package bundles.

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